Inspired by objects from the past, Anne Holman’s jewelry gives a nod of appreciation to her family history while also honoring traditions of the decorative arts that she grew up watching the women in her family pursue. Her work includes antique textile patterns, hand set glass cabochons that have been reclaimed from decades-old costume jewelry and antique maps from her ever-growing collection of old world atlases all from the early 1900s. Holman revisits these pieces from the past and gives them a new life in a fresh modern design. All made by hand from recycled sterling silver.

“I always have been fascinated with maps and collecting antiques and natural 'specimens'. Had I not become an artist, I would have likely become an archaeologist or a conservator,” Holman explains. “My fascination with things from other times and places has been with me my whole life. I also have an unshakable feeling of wanderlust. My uncle has worked as an archaeologist/mineralogist for the Smithsonian, and my great grandmother [Anne’s namesake] worked with a cartographer in Washington DC at the turn of the century.  I like to think of myself as giving new life to these things that are part of my history and continuing my family story along with making jewelry that tells the story of other peoples' lives and families.”

"My map series originated with an installation I made for a gallery show in 2004. Titled Inheritance, the series of over 40 necklaces represents many of the locations in the world that are significant to my immediate friends and family.  Each gave me a sample of soil from the location, which I then preserved in a glass vial and capped with a sterling setting featuring a map pinpointing each.  The latitude and longitude coordinates were labeled in a stamped band around each. I had such an overwhelming response to the work that I adapted it to a larger audience in the map jewelry you see here today."

Anne Holman now makes a full line of antique map jewelry that is fully customizable to feature the location significant to her customers. Documenting ancestral roots, birthplaces, weddings, hometowns, and favorite vacation spots are a few of the inspirations for these custom pieces. “It is really touching to hear the stories of different people for whom I make the jewelry. I hope one day I can travel to the many places I’ve dreamed about. In the meantime, it is fun to live vicariously though my customers’ stories of their travels.”

"The metalsmithing in my work is all done in my studio using little more than my two hands, hand tools and a torch. Each item made is given individual attention and extreme care beginning to end. The quality you will find is evident in the details. You can feel good about supporting a small, independent American business."

Anne Holman’s jewelry studio is located in the Grandview Heights neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. In 2014 she opened The Smithery: artist made goods, a studio and store focused on showcasing contemporary jewelry and modern craft, with jewelry artist Jen Townsend. She has been making and selling her eco-friendly jewelry for over a decade, and has been selling her work online since 2007. Holman's jewelry has been published in numerous print and digital publications.


The studio is dedicated to working sustainably as much as possible;

-sourcing raw precious metals from a refiner of 100% certified recycled and conflict free sources.  Recycled silver and gold is indistinguishable in quality and appearance from newly mined metals.

-utilizing reclaimed materials and sourcing fair trade gems. 

-recycling all precious metal scrap and dust.

-eliminating chemicals with safer alternatives to decrease the environmental impact.

-orders are packed in a 100% recycled, branded gift box with paper ribbon and shipped in recycled 'cradle to cradle' certified packaging.