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Posted on February 13, 2014 by Anne Holman

I'm thrilled to be a part of the newest 'Unconventional Guide' in Chris Guillebeau's series.  My business was featured as one of the contributors to the guide which was quite an honor and a pretty humbling experience to be able to reflect upon how far I've come over the past 10 years.

There is no prescribed course of action to take when graduating from art school.  There was no pre-drawn path for me to follow as I took the leap into running a business on my own. It has been the learning journey of a lifetime.  Had I known, starting off, the volume of things that I would need to figure out for myself along the way, I may have found it entirely too intimidating and given up.  But if you know me at all, I am dedicated and persistent. Once I have a goal set in my mind, I will work endless hours to see it to completion.  I managed to take things one step at a time, researching and absorbing as much information as I could.  I did not have a direct mentor to show me the ropes, and would have done just about anything to have the information that I know now in one compact package like this book. 

If you are a creative entrepreneur, or aspire to be, this is quite a valuable resource.  Jen Adrion and Omar Noory, of These Are Things, interviewed 21 different businesses to be a part of this guide, each with their own perspective. Check it out if you get the chance, or hop over to Chris' blog, The Art of Non-Conformity to get some inspiration about following your dreams and living outside the conventional box.  The most exciting thing about being in a business of my own is having the creative freedom to evolve in any direction I choose. There will always be new challenges, new ideas and exciting milestones to reach. Thanks for being part of my journey!  :)


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